About Us

Our Mission

To build the world’s most convenient, customizable and cost-effective distributed ledger.

Orb was founded in 2014 because we envision money working like the internet — borderless, secure and transposable. Today, we offer Orb DLT which empowers businesses to easily issue and operate their original virtual currencies for fast and frictionless e-commerce. Our platform eliminates the burden of time and cost intensive development time at client end and provides a distributed ledger that is secure, scalable, and easy-to-integrate.

Orb aims for a more inclusive global economy.

This doesn’t just transform how we see and use money. It transforms everything.

Our Team

We’re led by a team that questions and challenges unturned stones to unlock solutions at every turn. A bunch of coders, strategic thinkers, daydreamers and everything in between, Orb is looking for world class talent to join the team.

Company Profile

Company Name

Orb Inc.

Founded in

February 2014

Board Members

Representative Director    Mamoru Fujimoto
Director                       Masahiro Okabe
Director                          Takeshi Nakamichi
Director                       Hirofumi Kondo
Director                       Yoshihiro Kobayashi
Auditor                        Yoshio Yoshida


707,485,328円 (includes capital reserve)


8F, Akasaka FS building, 7-10-7, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

Primary Services

R & D of proprietary distributed ledger technology “Orb DLT” and its FinTech solutions

Get in touch

8F, Akasaka FS Building 7-10-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-0052
Contact Us

Phone : 03-6820-2100


MON-FRI 10:00 AM – 19:00 PM

Our Timeline


At the Board of Directors meeting on January 31, 2018, general shareholders’ meeting on February 9, and board meeting on February 19, 2018, present board member’s transfer of shares and resignation, as well as the enforcement of related shares to the nominated board member.

Local currency wallet, “NISEKO Pay” which can be used in Hokkaido Niseko Hirafu was launched.


Development of a joint demonstration experiment environment with Escrow Agent Japan Ltd. was completed.

Unique distributed ledger technology “Orb DLT” based on a hybrid model of blockchain and distributed database was released on April 24th.


Mr. Nakatsu took office as a Director of the Block Chain Association (JBA).

Escrow Agent Japan, Inc. made a basic agreement on joint demonstration experiments with the MSI Sumitomo Trust and SBI Sumishin Net Bank using Orb’s technology.

Conducted demonstration experiments with The San-in Godo Bank, Ltd. and community virtual currency.


Company’s name changed to Orb Inc.

Unique distributed ledger technology “Orb 1” which applied blockchain technology was released.


Established Coinpass Co., Ltd. as the main purpose of bitcoin settlement service for EC.

Released a bitcoin payment service (coinpass settlement) for EC companies.

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