An end-to-end solution to launch your own custom currency

Orb DLT’s proprietary solution, SmartCoin, is an innovative solution that can be used by businesses to define and configure their own coin economy. Our robust, distributed and highly secure ledger is leveraged by SmartCoin to provide provably fast transactions.

Integration Layer

Integration layer consists of a set of APIs. Using our APIs, developers can manage and interact with the OrbDLT stack to provide various functionalities such as payment, charge, sell, transfer etc on custom built applications.

Alternatively, the OrbDLT APIs can be used to enhance features in your existing application.

Orb DLT Stack

The Orb DLT stack consists of two layers namely Apollo and Core.

Apollo, a Java app, manages database transactions on top of the datastore.Core is a suite of golang applications which provide account and transaction functionality. 

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