A cutting-edge distributed ledger platform that enables low cost, reliable and frictionless transactions

Our Vision

Delivering fast, frictionless commerce with configurable coin economies on a distributed ledger platform that is secure, scalable, and easy-to-integrate into enterprise networks.


Virtual currency, loyalty point, and e-money business use cases are made easy with a configurable coin engine called Coin Core

  • No coding in esoteric programming languages required

Provably accurate transactions

Proprietary technology provides cryptographically-secure proofs of transaction states from Coin Core

  • Proofs can be validated at any time to ensure accuracy of transaction states

Easy integration via RESTful interfaces

Core module functionality is exposed through RESTful APIs for easy integration into new or existing apps

Unleash the power of 


Orb DLT’s proprietary solution, SmartCoin, is an innovative solution that can be used by businesses to define and configure their own coin economy. Our robust, distributed and highly secure ledger is leveraged by SmartCoin to provide provably fast transactions.

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