Similar to the way the web has democratized information for users worldwide, our goal is to democratize payments, loyalty, and smart contracts for businesses and consumers by developing the next generation of decentralized computing products. We believe in hiring smart people and getting out of their way. We are a young, lean, internationally-minded seed-round startup with a talented, close-knit team based in Tokyo, Japan. We keep meetings to a minimum and all eyes focused on our innovative product development and market adaptation.

What we are working on

Orb has built and released “Orb DLT”, a proprietary Distributed Ledger Technology which is the hybrid of Blockchain and Distributed Database Technology.

How we work

At Orb we work hard to foster an international team environment where people are creatively and professionally fulfilled, productive, happy, and work together well. We are a team of builders – engineers, product managers, and entrepreneurs – who love what we do.

Where we work

Orb offices are located in a multicultural neighborhood near the heart of Tokyo’s Akasaka business district. Our employees enjoy a flexible schedule with options to work remotely on occasion when needed.

Our Values

These are the important beliefs and ideals shared by the members of Orb. These values influence our behavior and attitude, and serve as broad guidelines in all situations.


Be, find, and emphasize the positive.


For efficiency keep to time and process, always thinking how actions now maximize future growth.


Be transparent in what you did, can do, and will do. Transparency keeps us all to the highest ethical standards.


  • Masa Nakatsu

    CEO and Founder. Formerly Director and Regional Head of APAC for the Global RTB Team at Criteo, BD Manager at Groupon, Product Manager at E-Commerce of Seven Eleven Japan, and Co-Founder of Musavy.

  • Sherwin Faden

    COO. Loves building startups into great businesses. Background in payments, advertising, marketing, enterprise cloud, and security from Videogram, Tapjoy, VeriSign, Visa. BS in Economics and Business from Sophia University.

  • Hiroyuki Yamada

    CTO. Passionate about parallel and distributed data management systems. Formerly a software engineer at Yahoo! Japan and IBM Japan. Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo.

  • Wataru Fukatsu

    CBO(Chief Business Officer). Sales, Marketing, Business Development. Wataru has spent 18+ years in Oracle Japan. First 8 years is for technical support analyst. Last 10+ years is for solution sales for financial service and insurance industries. In his last 3 years, he re-start Oracle’s big data solution business for financial service and insurance companies.

  • Ace Yamaguchi

    Product Management Advisory. Ace has worked at many startups in Silicon Valley. He has built products to complete globally at Linkedin, Dropbox and many other companies.

  • Louis Zeun

    Chief Architect. Previously worked as a Senior Software Developer for DogVacay and the Systems Architect for Crowdgather.

  • Dennis Jarvis

    Product Lead. Formerly a Senior Product Manager at Rakuten, and the Japan Country Manager for Service Products at Apple. Studied Economics at Temple University.

  • Takehito Yoshida

    Product Lead. Previously worked at TBWA/HAKUHODO as Data strategist, Rakuten, Engineer(DWH), Cyber Agent Data Scientist(adtech) and Yahoo! Japan PM(DMP).

  • Yuji Ito

    Senior Software Engineer. Formerly a researcher for storage systems at Hitachi, and a SSD firmware engineer at Fixstars.

  • Satoshi Hikida

    Experienced software engineer. Developed several web application services. Currently working on development distributed storage systems.

  • Amogh Garg

    Software Developer. Previously worked at Sony. Enjoys learning new stuff, maths and puzzles. Studied at IIT Bombay.

  • Arnaud Wolf

    Software engineer with a Master of Science in general engineering from Ecole Centrale de Nantes and Master of Science in engineering in database systems from Keio university. Has a deep interest for data sciences, and more specifically for machine learning, statistics, and social networks.

  • Shuku Tanizaki

    Back office manager and team photographer with more than 10 years experience in finance, legal and accounting.

  • Dan Merritt

    Senior software engineer. Former software engineer at Rakuten. Studied computer science at the University of Michigan.